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Theres a Memory That Still Remains.. [entries|friends|calendar]
.hey unloving i will love you.

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w o a . . [06 Aug 2006|03:23am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

oh hey, livejournal.

who uses this thing anymore anyway?...

todays my half birthday. six months til the big 21!!! woot.

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Y A A A A A A A A A Y ! ! ! ! ! ! [02 Mar 2006|03:16pm]
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H O L L A ! [26 Feb 2006|09:41pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I got a 'promotion' at work. yay! i am now a server at bennigans by menlo mall. COME VISIT ME AND LEAVE ME GOOD MONEY!!! YAYYYY!! i made 82 $$ today and didnt even freak out (it was my first time with my own section after training..). im proud of myself. **pats self on back**

two more weeks til spring break!! WOOT WOOT. me and garrett are going to get our tattoos that weekend i think. so within the next 2 months i should be getting two tats. one with garrett and one for my god daughter alexis (its a bird holding a banner with her birthdate because we called her the early bird since she was premature). .

ok garretts here ill do this later.

i love him <333333

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. w o o . [11 Feb 2006|11:49am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

FINALLY! my computer is up and running. had a lot of trouble with the wireless and what not, but we finally got it working. woot. i been without it for so long i dont really use it too much.. im not really home that much anyways i guess..

my birthday passed. im freaking 20. 20! family came over on sunday and hung out for the super bowl (minus Phil...who never called me..) the ameriquest commercials were really funny. kailey got me a bright green chair for my room, blue and bright green hangers, and a bright green basket full of my favorite candies =) she said theres another one at her house but she had to fix it or something. shes so craftyyyy. my sister couldnt get me anything cuz shes been in the hospital and hasnt been working. billy and laura got me a card.. woot. my actual birthday i woke up, had class at 9:30, got out at 1050, called my sister to meet up til my next class and she didnt answer, went to get gas, got food at bennigans, got a bingo scratch off and won 4 dollars, went back to class at 1230, got out about 215, went to garretts, laid around, came home at like 4, went to dinner with my parents at Damons Grill (so good), came back here, watched skating with celebrities, went to garretts, he gave me a celtic knot heart necklace yayyyyyyy <33, and i slept over and had class at 930 the next morning. the whole day i was kinda bummed. felt like no one called to say happy bday or anything. didnt do anything exciting. it was just a blah day. meh whatevvver

alexis is at three pounds and steadily gaining. shes gotta be like 5lbs and .5 oz before she can come home. recent pictures we have she has her eyes open and theyre really nice. i wish i could go see her. i wanted that for my birthday but i not allowed. =\

i close tonight at work so apparently im getting out during the worst part of this snow storm were supposed to get. then i open at work tomorrow sooo ill prolly have to drive again before the roads are safely cleaned up, maybe? i hate driving in the snow. sucks =(

i bought waiting yesterday. watched it with garrett. well no he fell asleep after like 10 minutes. so i watched it. then watched tv. then fell asleep. at least we actually hung out the 3 hours or so before we started the movie...yay. i cant really complain though, im the one that usually falls asleep during movies.. heh

ok i go. bye.

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M A R L B O R O ! [26 Jan 2006|02:56am]
[ mood | bored ]

i just had no computer since last friday morning.. UGH it was hard but i managed.

we got moved in to the place in marlboro today so its officially official. sleeping here for the first time. slept in sayreville for the last time ever last night.. crazyy..

first week of school is almost done just have two classes tomorrow. i think microbio is going to kick my effing ass hard. but i was one of the few that found the lil bacteria in the pond water in lab today. im sweet. microscopes give me headaches though. intro to criminology might not be as cool as i thought it was going to be..thats kinda a bummer. but its still got my interest cuz itll help me understand and be more aware of things when i watch law and order all the time haha.. computers in health tech is the easiest class ever. seriously. we did copying, pasting, saving, word pad, and printing. WOW. I did what was due in two weeks in 15-20 minutes. and the sad part is the 3 girls infront of me had trouble! idiots. abnormal psych we havent done anything yet besides talk bout the semester. we have a group power point presentation. the two guys taht happened to be sitting next to me asked me to be with them and since i dont know anyone i figured why be picky and say 'no im waiting for someone cooler to ask me' or soemthing. so they picked chapter ten to do which--HAHA-- is on drugs. go figure. so since thats a late chapter its not due til april. ill prolly forget about it by then. CPR is on the fence still. i cant tell if its gonna be cool or be boring as hell. itll be awesome to get certified though.. my breaks between classes arent bad either cuz patty has the same break time. so so far school isnt too bad.

tuesday was a year and a half with garrett. YAAAAAAAY! love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love <3

I BOUGHT NEW SNEAKERS YESTERDAY!! theyre PUMAs. gray with a bright green puma swooshie. i totally love them!!!!!!!!!!

my sisters baby shower is on saturday. alexis is doing wonderfully. shes gained weight so shes at 2lbs 4ounces and still gaining about 20-40 kilos(i think) a day.. my sister is planning on having her home for st pattys day. thatd be sweet. cant miss st pattys day in south amboy man. crazy day and oh so fun!

no ones really asked me what i wanted for my birthday. but i guess my family has had more important things on their minds. january has been a pretty freaking crazy month..

birthday with the family is on superbowl sunday. i hate the superbowl this year. both teams suck. i guess ill decide who i want to cheer for when the time comes...

its late i got school in the morning so peace out.

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MORE PICTURES!!! [15 Jan 2006|11:50pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

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Alexis Evelyn Burgos!! [13 Jan 2006|01:10am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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B a b y !!!!!!! [11 Jan 2006|11:37am]
[ mood | happy ]

Alexis Evelyn Burgos was born 11:33 yesterday January 10, 2006!!

13 inches, 2.5lbs
Brown eyes, Dark Brown hair

shes about 2 months early but seems to be holding her own. shes on the lowest level of oxygen to help her breathe which is awesome considering lungs are the last thing to develope. im not allowed to go see her, its grandparents and parents only. ive seen pictures though. everyone says she has big feet. haha

oh baby.

yesterday my dad said he hasnt seen me so excited since he didnt know when..

i cant wait til she gets to leave the hospitaaaaaalllllllllll!!

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [06 Jan 2006|07:02pm]
[ mood | worried ]

my sister is in the hospital.


im beyond worried.


still waiting on more info.


all i know is Alexis (the baby) doesnt have enough fluid (not enough fluid in placenta).


rumors say she could be in there for a month.


what i believe is happening is theyre going to watch her and Alexis (the baby).


any complications could result in baby Alexis being taken out as soon as next week.


oh worries.




she's going to be in the hospital til they take Alexis out.


could be a day or two, could be a month..


alexis is going to be a preemie.


i really hope theyre both going to be ok <3


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well well well . . . . [26 Dec 2005|01:11pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

so today i woke up at one o clock. that is amazing! i havent slept this late in like, 3 years.. feels goooooood. but now i have less time to do what was planned cuz i planned on waking up at ten like i always do.. oh well!

closing for the place in marlboro is january 20. i wish it was earlier. schools gonna start at the same time i gotta clean everything there and paint and pack up here and move. bad timing. really bad timing. hope i can handle it.

my christmas was pretty good. garrett got me tickets to the devils game against the thrashers so we did that friday night. they lost, cuz garrett was there, and there wasnt even any fights. my dad said theyre really not allowed to or whatever anymore, which is way gay. oh well it doesnt matter i still had a good time. it was a good present! the next day i woke up with food poisoning. UGH it was horrible! i puked three times so i stayed in bed pretty much all day. family came over for dinner along with phils famiy and i was in my jamas haha i barely ate which made me kinda sad.. garrett came over after dinner with his family, we got our new jamas, then just hung out for a while.
my parents woke me up at 8 to open presents. i got a bunch of dvds, portable dvd player, dvd stand, jeans, more old navy sweat pants,hoodie, 2 JACKETS, 2 precious moments to add to my collection, disposable camera and a bizzillion gift cards: starbucks, barnes and noble, ruby tuesday, bennigans, applebees, shell, wawa, red lobster/olive garden, and old navy, and some other things.
after doing the whole xmas thing and family left, i had work at 3. it was busy the entire time! since i got there it was constant and by 4 we had a wait. at one point we were on a half hour wait. there was a wait the entire time until like 910 and we closed at 10! like seriously, it was rediculous. hope i made a decent amount of money!!

aight yo i gotta be goin to start my day, peace.

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SO LONG SAYREVILLE!!! [17 Dec 2005|01:05pm]
we got the place in Marlboro. WOOT.

prolly gonna start cleaning and painting the second week in january. should be in there by my birthday.

i must admit, im kinda excited.

..itll be a lot of freaking work though =\
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oh christmas treee oh christmas treee [14 Dec 2005|12:45am]
[ mood | distressed ]

oh christmas. so cold but oh so pretty. we got our tree on sunday. last night i went to the hallway and forgot about the silly tree and it scared the crap outta me cuz there was a big shadowy figure down the hall... craaaaaaazy..

i still have to get a present for my sister (what do u get a pregnant woman??), finish my dad and phil, and maybe get something else for garrett....maybe....depends on how good to me he is for the next week hahaha ;)

im poor. it sucks.

garrett is going to physical therapy for his shoulder. some girl gets to massage him and touch him. i hate her haha. im sure he enjoys it though.. tahts just like the time the girl took an awkwardly long time searching him before giong into the dropkick murphy show.. silly whore..

work sucks lately. never make money. the managers are getting weird lately too cuz they think no one cares about their job and just half asses everything.. which mostly everyone does.. so now theyre having more servers on each shift so everyones making less money.. they think this will solve people being lazy but i just think theyll have nothing to do so theyll spend even more time in the back smoking their cigarettes...

and as things look right now, im working new years eve which i didnt put down for at first but tina (the GM) said thatd if i put my name down first id be first cut and get out in time to go somewhere..which first cut is usually by 10.. so its not too bad.. if i end up having to work ima flip but i know i wont have to. if i do which would piss me off beyond no end garrett has no choice but to spend new years at bennigans with me. kailey too well i guess kailey can have a choice since thatd be kinda lame for a new years night.....but yeah...

i have practical tomorrow on respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems at 12. SUUUUUUCKS. this grade makes me or breaks me for me passing the class or not...how sad.. i think ill be ok though..
i had 2 finals today. i did pretty damn well for not studying for either one of them =)

thursday my parents are making me go to a townhouse in MARLBORO to get my opinion on it. i dont wanna move to marlboro even if it is right off 9 and easy access to perth amboy (sorta). the upstairs would be all mine with my own bathroom. whatever. i just wish it wasnt in MONMOUTH COUNTY. how can i be moving outta county?!!? wtf. first i move outta south amboy which no one ever saw coming, now i gotta move outta middlesex? gosh. and what the hell is going to happen with school? id unno maybe we wont end up moving there but if we dont i just hope they dont look at any places even farther away....
next semesters is going to be hard as fuck. not only do i have 5 classes, i have a 930 class 3 days a week and mondays id be there all freaking day, my sister will be having a baby girl end of march/begining of april, i have to pack shit up and move it to wherever we move to along with homework, spending every available moment with my honey butt garrett, seeing my goddaughter often, make more time to hang out with kailey cuz i know i dont do that often enough, and i dunno im just kinda nervous for this new year of new beginings..

i gotta freaking look over notes. god damn practical.

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. E E P ! . [09 Dec 2005|12:49am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

dyed my hair today.

...its black...

i dunno if i like it....might be a lil to dark..maybe if i wash it a lot itll fade to a nice dark dark brown like i wanted...oh well maybe ill get used to it....

..my moms gonna get one hella surprise next time she sees meeee =\

schools almost over. my anatomy grade is dependent upon this last practical and the final.. i think i can pull it off.. everything else im confident ill get a B as the final grade. woot.

snow is dumb. i only like it when it doesnt stick to anything so i dont have to step in inches of it and clean off my car.. as long as it doesnt impair the roadways im cool with it too i guess.. i hope theres no work in the morning or theres not enough snow for the drive over there to be scary..

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lovely morning... [04 Dec 2005|08:37am]
i woke up this morning to a sore throat and runny/stuffy nose and looked outside to see a lot of snow......wtf! i dont even know where the thing to clean off my car is....

what a great morning..
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. h i . [27 Nov 2005|03:52am]
wow i just noticed its almost 4 am... shit..

garrett walked out of work midshift today. even though thats something i would never do, i think its awesome he did it. heh. dont really know why cuz its not a smart move, but hes got some balls.

just hopefully he gets a new job quickly...

today started off sucky but got better around ohhh id say between 8 and 9 or so.

after i got outta work me and garrett went to the reo diner and hung out a bit had multiple cups of coffee gots some foods and just chatted for a while. then cuddling occured. i was so comfy and warm i didnt wanna leave. damn the man.

...i cant believe its the end of november...

i have so much school shit to do before tuesday......FUCK

i might be moving to spotswood...maybe...still waiting to see wahts up with that...
..spotswoods better than PA or jackson.. woot?

mmk i quit! =)
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. I T S B E E N A Y E A R A L R E A D Y . [20 Nov 2005|06:56pm]
FEB 4, 2003 - NOV 20, 2004

i still miss you so much!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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. T I M E F O R A N U P D A T E ! . [08 Nov 2005|08:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]





IM SO BORED!! garrett is working again so now i have nothing to do while hes there. and of course this whole week we have opposite schedules, so it kinda sucks.. but tonight i did my anatomy homework and studied for thursdays respiratory exam. i gotta bring up my grade cuz i have a D and theres only like 4 weeks or so of school left. i really need to get into the radiology program in the fall. if i dont i think ill just quit at life.. theres really nothing else i wanna do.. i put in an appication for nursing too, but im not really sure i really wanna do it..so hopefully i just get into radiology...

im watching xmen and im kinda excited about it..... dont really know why......

things with garrett have been really amazing the last couple weeks. dont know what it is but ive been having a great time with him every day and nothing has gone wrong. makes me so happy to know i have something so strong and amazing. you should be jealous. yay for love <3

i miss kailey. its almost her birthday so i should definately be seeing her soon.

theres a hotel party in the making. PARTY ON!

after that me and garrett are going to DROPKICK MURPHYS. im way excited for that too! thursday should be a great day!! wooooo!

friday i close at work, which is UBER gay. i have always worked 10:30-4. i was the day time person. what the hell. oh well at least ill get some moneys. i need money. horribly. makes me sad i have not a lot of money. so far i cant afford xmas presents for anyone. that makes me feel even worse. i wanna buy what people deserve to get, but at this point all i can afford is a construction paper xmas card. and thats only because i already have the paper. how sad..

gotta go study the digestive system for tomorrows quiz. peace.

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. Y ou W ould K ill F or T his . [30 Oct 2005|10:53pm]
[ mood | cold ]

today is one year since gary died. i hope hes getting taken care of up there. <3
..jess too <3

not to much to report.

midterms = B in everything besides where i need it most. i have a D in anatomy right now. that makes me sad. a D. an effing D. i need to bring that up. the respiratory system better be easy as fuk and i hope i always make the time to study. i NEED to pass with a B. ..or an A.. hah.

friday we hung out with KAILEY!!! it was amazing. i love her to death and beyond. she came to garretts house and we hung out there for a while then decided to get some food. so we headed out and it was decided we were going to go to MPD. after a while lauren met us there and we just hung around. saw steph clark and chris grzan or however u spell it. migrated outside for a while, then i of course wanted coffee and lauren wanted a slurpeeee so we headed over on down the rizzoad. garrett saw old classmates at dunkin donuts and we just chilled in there til like, 3am. i got chocolate coffee instead of coconut, bad move. i love me my coconut.. it was a fun time. there was a lot of reminising going on.

yesterday i went to the dentist (which SUCKED!), then to 'cheerleading practice' but only 12 girls showed up so we might not go to competition cuz no one seems to care or want to go.oh well id rather not go either than. then fell asleep at garretts til a lil after 3 then went to work at 4. got outta work at 10:30ish then went to garretts. we were going to go to nikki's party but we ended up staying in garretts kitchen talkin to his mom and her 'friend' paul. he was cool.

today i worked til 5. we were going to go to fright fest but that fell through. i brought home food for garrett and his mom and me, i hung out there for a bit then i came home cuz theres things that needed to be done. garrett didnt wanna comeover. what a dick. haha. i love him.

im cold. brrrrr.

mmmmk im done.

sing me something soft sad and delicate loud and out of key sing me anything..

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. T i d B i t s . [26 Oct 2005|02:24am]
[ mood | amused ]

my mommy makes the best hot cocoa.

me and my man just celebrated our 15th anniversary. WOOT. thats exciting. still happy as ever with him. yayy. im lucky, youre not. =op

going to see dropkick murphys november 10 with garrett, my sister and her husband phil. im excited for it, should be a kick ass time. cant go wrong with DKM. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND my sister finds out what gender her baby (my godchild!) is that day, and i also go to the baby doctor with her and i get to hear the heart beat!!! (i couldnt last time.)

i need to start doing better in my classes. well, anatomy mostly. i dropped to a C which im really sad about. gotta bring it up.. our next test is thursday on the cardiovascular system and im not going to do well. sucks. i need to get my butt into gear and bring it up for the rest of the semester. HIS130 i have a B in so im not worried about that, its just the boringest class EVER. child psych i doubt im doing bad in, even though i skipped class today cuz the weather was miserable and i was sick of walking around in the rain then sitting in a classroom while all wet), but we only had one test in that class and i got an 81, so its not that bad. sign language i have no idea how im doing, but theres no way its less than a B. so i guess im not doing THAT bad so far... could be worse..

i might be getting a second job. maybe. would be good til after xmas time so i could have the extra money. cuz right now i can only afford to make people presents, with pink construction paper and sharpies. haaha. so poor. i actually think today was pay day, yay for a 60 dollar check that all goes to bills! woot.

im sick of the rain, and im sick of the cold. what happened to autumn hoodie weather? skipped right over it practicly. mother effers.

i want taco bell...

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[19 Oct 2005|03:24pm]
[ mood | curious ]

things are bothering me but i dont know what there is to do about it..

very confused with it all.. theres really nothing i can do...

just gotta deal with it i guess.


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